Natural Hair DIY Product Feature – DIY One Step LOC Moisturizer by Ms. Hadassah Agbaps


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Welcome to our Second Natural Hair DIY Product Feature:


DIY One Step LOC Moisturizer Recipe for Natural Hair 


L.O.C. means Liquid, Oil and Cream 😀
This shows the order of application of products to keep hair moisturised for longer. Moisturised hair equals softer hair, hair less prone to breakage, hair less prone to splits/knots and to put it simply, happy hair. Less breakage equals more length. So with the L.O.C. method, you first apply a liquid such as water, then seal in with any oil favored by your hair and then apply your hair cream/butter/pudding/styler.

For many naturals, this method helps retain moisture in the hair for up to two days after application. It’s really effective and you can tweak it by putting the hair cream after the water and sealing all with oil. The downside to this method is that it’s like so many steps and when you’re in a hurry, you won’t have the patience to spritz with water, seal with oil and layer the hair cream on top of that… study: ME!

My hair type is 4b/c, high porosity, fine stranded, medium density.
Everything seems to be against me in the moisture/length retention department. Add that to unwillingness to spend hours on my hair and you can see how I needed to find a solution fast!!! I got to the drawing board and tinkered with some of the hair products available and found a formula that combines the L.O.C. three step method in one easy step…..just apply to dry hair and ends. Period. Ready?! Here goes.

You need:

  1. Clean Water (I use bottled water)
  2. Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream 
  3. Oil

* I use a mix of coconut, olive and castor oil. You don’t really need a mix. One type of oil is sufficient. *

In about 100 ml of clean water in a bottle, I added 2 tbs of Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair cream and 1 tsp of oil and mixed thoroughly. It will form a lotion which you can dilute with more water until it’s a consistency you like. That’s it! Simply apply to hair, style and go. *Note: For hygienic reasons, please use up the mix in three days or less.


Live Beautifully. Naturally.

😀 Thank you for reading my dears and if you try this recipe, do let us know by posting comments below, Enjoy Beauties 😀

‘Isle of  Azure’

Natural Hair Blog Feature – Ms. P.A.

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Say Hello to an Absolutely Beautiful Naturalista!

Here is her Natural Hair Story, do enjoy My Queens,

1) Please introduce your amazing self.

A:  My name is P.A., and I’m literally from all over.  I was born in Nigeria, lived in over 13 countries before the age of 10, but spent the majority of that time in England.  I currently live in Texas.  My natural hair is a mixture of 3c, 4a, 4b, and 4c—so I simply that to “Kinky, Curly, Coily”.

2) Did you Transition, Big Chop, Both or Natural from Birth?

A: I transitioned long-term for just under two years.  

3) How long have you been natural?

A: My last relaxer was on May 4, 2013 (yay!) and I cut off all the relaxed ends by February 22, 2015.

4) What made you return natural?

A: My choice to go natural was a practical one—relaxers ate through my scalp and left it bleeding with sores. Since I actually like my scalp, I decided that not using relaxers was in my best interest. 

5) How hard or easy was your first year of being natural?

A: My first year of transitioning was spent mostly in protective styles (my favorite is crochet braids).  Honestly, the most challenging thing was perception—perception of myself and other’s perception of me.  When you get used to a certain look (my mother put relaxers in my hair at the age of 8), you associate a part of yourself with that look.  It was a daunting thing to have to imagine myself without what I considered my “norm.”  Plus, since I’m an attorney, I worried that people would make disparaging remarks about my hair at the office.

6) What helped you the most, to remain natural?

A: At first, necessity. Like I said above, I stopped using relaxers because of the damage it did to my scalp.  There really was no other alternative.  But after a while, I realized that I liked my natural hair.  I started to grow impatient with the straight stringy ends and cut them off before my full two-year goal lol.

7) Your 3 favorite products and why? A:

  1. Coconut Oil (because, really, who isn’t koo-koo for coconut? Lol)
  2. Shea Butter (best sealant ever)
  3. A Number of SheaMoisture Products (is that cheating?? I couldn’t pick just one!)

8) What do you love about your unique tresses?

A: The versatility and how manageable it actually is.  I’ve finally mastered the art of the wash and go for my many textures, and I’ve become quite good at crochet braids when my hair needs a break.

9) What is your least favorite task when dealing with your natural hair?

A: Um…detangling—like you had to ask!

10) How do you inspire other girls to return natural?

A: I try to show various manageable and beautiful ways to wear our hair in its natural state and share those ideas on my blog and social media. 


 11) So far in your journey, what is your favorite hair style? 


A: I’d have to say the wash and go.

Relaxed Beauty 



Natural Beauty  – Hair Style Galore

balcony white denim jacket


twisted crown



Natural Beauty  – Beautiful
frohawk ombre
flexi rod set
Natural Beauty in Every Facet

Assortment of updos


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😀 This post shows us the Beauty of our Natural Hair and to Love, Care and Treasure our Tresses  😀

Thank you Loves for reading, many thank yous Dear PA and thank you for your patience, Enjoy the Day 😀

Natural Hair Blog Feature – Sir Zack




Our following guest is Sweet Zack, my baby cousin and our first Featured Male Natural!!!!

He has one of the most beautiful head of curls I know and a sweet personality to go with it.

Here is his Natural Hair Story, do enjoy my dears:

1) Please introduce your amazing self.

A: I am Zack.  I am 14.  I play basketball and am active in my place of worship.

2) Did you Transition, Big Chop, Both or Natural from Birth?

A: Natural from birth.

3) How long have you been natural?

A: See above please.

4) What helped you the most, to remain natural?

A: I like to keep my hair long. Playing sports it makes it hard to take care of so sometimes I keep my hair in braids.

5) Your 3 favorite products? A:

  1. Wen
  2. Cantu Shea Butter
  3. Design Essentials Express

6) What do you love about your unique tresses?

A: The ladies love it (Curls for the girls) 😀

7) What is your least favorite task when dealing with your natural hair?

A: Keeping up my hair when playing sports.


8) So far in your journey, what is your favorite hair style? 


A: Just my natural curls.

Natural Beauty  – Curls Galore



😀 This post shows us the importance of teaching our young ones to love & care for their tresses, it is their Crown of Beauty 😀


Thank you Lovelies for reading, many thank yous Zack for participating and you all have a Wonderful Day 😀