Benefits of Veggies for Our Tresses

Benefits of Veggies for Our Hair – Carrots

Good Day Dears and Welcome Back to our Veggie Series. Today, we will review a favorite of many, Carrots!!! We know they are excellent for our skin and eyesight, but hair too? Come, let us find out: - "It is said that carrots contain vitamin A, which can condition your scalp, and help combat… Continue reading Benefits of Veggies for Our Hair – Carrots

Hair Products Reviews

Hair Products Reviews – Island Oil

Hello, Beautiful Naturals & Transitioners,  This is one awesome oil combination for our natural tresses. One of the few products, that I recommend purchasing, while many hair products might not work for all our tresses, we all use Hair Oils and this one is a Gem. Found on the Mainland and purchased 4 for my… Continue reading Hair Products Reviews – Island Oil