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A Tale of an Island Princess & Her Natural Hair Journey 



Once upon a time on a beautiful Island in a faraway place, there lived a gorgeous Island Princess,

Her name, Kerdisha St. Louis, a self-described #Carefreeisland girl from the nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica.

Journalist by profession and holds several other caps such as youth advocate, media personality and blogger.

Let’s listen in as she takes us through her journey by means of a once in a lifetime Interview:

 What made you return and remain Natural?

Going natural was something I decided to do in college. I was all about discovering myself and loving myself for who was naturally, so embracing my natural hair felt right at that time. I have been natural for about five years now and transitioned for about six months.


Describe your Hair Care Maintenance for your 4C tresses.

My hair is what I would call unique. Now I know everyone says that about their hair but mine really is. It’s very regimented so it expects certain things like me moisturizing my hair twice a week using the LCO method as well as deep conditioning regularly. I love thick natural products that have very little chemicals. My hair is also really thick and tends to knot up really easily so I often keep it in stretched styles.

Can you name some of the challenges you have faced with your own hair?

A major problem that I faced (and sort of still face today) is patience. I have a lot of hair and it takes time to gently detangle which sometimes I do not have the patience for. But slowly but surely I’m learning to only touch my hair when I have the patience to handle it.


Why do you truly love your Natural Hair?

I love my natural hair because I think embracing it allows me to embrace myself totally. Too often in the past I felt like my natural hair was not good enough and not what society perceived as beautiful. Now that I’ve learnt to properly manage my natural hair and find styles that work for me every day I feel amazing about my hair and what it represents as a black woman. Especially one from the Caribbean.

Have you ever dealt with a hair tragedy, how were you able to recover?

The biggest hair tragedy I faced was earlier this year when I inadvertently caused heat damage to my hair. Although it was not a large portion I had to be very gentle with that area of my hair and concentrate a bit more product on it in whatever I am doing. I plan to grow out the heat damage and cut off the damage bit by bit. All I can say is lesson learnt.


How can girls learn to properly care for their own unique 4C tresses?

My advice to girls out there who have no clue about natural hair or want to get better is research, research, research. Don’t be afraid to try out different techniques or style until you find what works for you. Another useful tip is to find bloggers or Youtubers with a similar hair type and see if some of their favorite products or techniques work for you. Remember your hair is unlike any other so find what is best for YOUR hair.

You can find our Lovely Naturalista at her blog:


Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest @thekschronicles.

And she lived happily ever after and her Natural Hair continued to flourish due the Princess utmost care of her Beautiful Tresses.


The End.


My Natural Hair Journey – 4C Hair Progress So Far


Hello My Lovelies,

How are you all doing today, so far so good I hope.

Today will share with you an update on my Hair Progress and what I am doing, as promised will post every 3 months, then next year will do the same but will be better at it, scheduling on time, etc, hahaha, time seems to be flying by so that is good, means we are busy and working.In an effort to keep this post, short and sweet will simplify and let you know what am doing, whats working and what are my goals:

My Hair Regimen – September to December 2017

  1. Maintain my hair hydrated and moisturized with Okra mix, applied to scalp and ends every Tuesday & Saturday, seal with Island Oil.
  2. A day before Wash Day, do an Overnight Hot Oil Treatment,, using my Shea Butter Mixture, applied to scalp and ends extensively. 
  3. Wash hair once every 2 to 3 weeks, refresh twice a week, to go style, large 2 stand twists, easy to maintain and upkeep in the Tropics.


My Hair Health – September to December 2017

  1. Eat healthier foods, cutting out flour, rice and dairy, due to my health problems so will replace with vegetables and protein as I go.
  2. Increase my water drinking habits moderately, will replace all sodas and sugary drinks with Water and Warm Teas as this is better.
  3. Drink supplements that will aid in my hair health, such as Biotin, Fish Oil, Cod Liver Oil, 1 Multivitamin as well as Iron, daily basis.


My Hair Goals – September to December 2017

  1. Track overall health to see improvement, how am doing and how my tresses are doing, hopefully they will be healthier and bouncier.
  2. No more scraggly ends, hate these, dusting each time my hair is done so this helps to avoid that, might take longer but will track.
  3. Less tangles, knots, easier to detangle plus less hair shedding, this one drives me bonkers although we do lose 100 hairs per day. 






Thank you for joining me and if you have any advice, tips or inquiries, please feel free to add to comments below and will get back to you.

***Have a a Great Day Dolls & Thanks for your Support***




Hair Product Reviews – Schwarzkopf Bonawell Styling Cream


Deep Repair Styling Cream

Deep Repair Styling Cream

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I promised to review the new products I have been using for 6 months now, how they are working for my tresses, and when I use them, so here go.

Schwarzkopf Bonawell Hair Repair Deep Repair Styling Cream:

  • Deep Repair
  • For Weak & Brittle Hair 
  • Molds and Restores Hair All Day

Directions: Apply a generous amount on wet hair, massage well and rinse. Recommended: Massage into scalp to stimulate the blood vessels in hair follicles.

My Review and Rating:

My rating is 5 Stars!!!!! Bonawell products work really well with my 4C tresses but you only see benefits if used regularly and consistently. Strengthens your hair follicles and adds a beautiful sheen. As promised this product is just what my hair needed and helped to restore her back to her health. Only con is that these products practically impossible to find, so when I do (find mine at Walmart every once in a while), I stock up. *1 bottle should last you about 6 to 12 months.*

Thank you for reading my dears and hope you enjoyed the article.

As always, stick to what works for your tresses and do your Research before trying new products and if not broke, don’t fix 😀

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