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Hello My Dears,

Yes, you read correctly, your girl was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by our lovely Natural Hair Blogger, Naturalkinkstrinisto whom I profusely thank you for as well as thinking about me. Head over on her to her page to check out her awesome articles on hair regimens, shampooing methods and much more. Hope you all enjoy, so sit back, take a few minutes and let’s see if my answers are as good as you hope, hahaha, if not, at least you are relaxing for a bit, right, hahaha, Enjoy.

This award was originated by Diwakar. Thank you for coming up with such a fun idea and hope you think up of some for us 😀

As per the rules, 7 Facts About Me:

  1. Pink is my favorite color and has not or will not change 😀
  2. Am a perfectionist but expect it of myself and never of others.
  3. Enjoy learning about different cultures, customs, places, its a delight.
  4. I love reading books, favorites are Scifi, Adventure, Mystery and Fantasy.
  5. Blogging about Natural Hair is one of my favorite past times and hobbies. 
  6. Love all things wild and free, so uncharted places are always my # 1 places.
  7. Looking forward to traveling the starts and galaxies one of these days, fact not fiction 😀

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Natural Hair Growth – Peppermint Tea – Part 1

Delish - Image via Pinterest

Image via StyleCraze.com

Hello My Dears & Welcome, 

Hair Growth Drink – Peppermint Tea


1 Drop of  100% Pure Essential Peppermint Oil, 1 TSP of Sugar, Hot Water

My Goal Per Day:

1 large cup per day

Optional to Add:

1 TSP of Honey 

Peppermint is excellent for our tresses and our bodies, cleanser, antibacterial, purifier, just to name a few.

According to Tanya Choudhary from stylecraze.com: 

If you’re worried about a receding hairline, consider treading the peppermint way. Peppermint works as a good stimulator for your scalp and promotes hair growth. Due to its ability to soothe blood vessels and boost blood flow to the hair roots, peppermint stimulates the health of your hair. For more info, click on below link:


Cannot wait to see how this works, for my overall health as well as tresses. As you know, this month is super because will be doing 3 Challenges in 1 month so am pretty excited to see how everything goes, plus am doing all 3 in moderation and daily, 2 Glasses of water and 3 cups of teas is for one very healthy person, I hope!

Thanks for Reading Sweets & hope you can join in with me on this 1 Month Challenge.


Tips for Hair Growth – February 2017 Update on Hair Regimen

Palm Trees are Tall here

Hello My Dears,

Hope you girls are all well.

I do apologize for not being on but was ill for about 6 weeks now, am just getting back into my normal routine.  As had stated, was supposed to be on my Water Drinking Challenge at 2 Bottles a day, because I fell ill, that kinda fell in and out of sync so am back on track and we shall see how this goes for these months. So, because I did so appallingly bad and 2 months gone, will start again and complete 3 Challenges, will post 2 for the months I missed and the 3rd will be posted March 1st 2017. Hope they work well plus the ones have chosen are also my overall health as well as for my tresses, so a win win situation right? Ready, OK, here we go:


A Glass of Water

H2O – Image from Pinterest

Hair Growth Drink – Water



My Goal Per Day:

A 16oz Bottle twice per day

Optional to Add:

A Peppermint Drop, 1 TSP of Honey or 1 TBSP of Lemon Juice

Water is the best for our hair due to many nutrients and minerals plus replenishes our energy.


Ginger is Excellent - Image via Pinterest

Ginger is Excellent – Image via Pinterest

Hair Growth Drink – Ginger Tea


1 TBS of Ginger , 1 TSP of Sugar, Warm Water

My Goal Per Day:

2 Cups a Day

Optional to Add:

1 TSP of Honey 

Ginger Tea not only tastes yummy but because is so strong, can be used many times for full effect.


According to Ariane from BlackNaps.ORG

Ginger improves circulation which may in turn promote growth and its antiseptic properties make it an effective scalp soother as well as an all natural dandruff treatment. For the full article and instructions on how to prepare, please go directly to her site: https://blacknaps.org/2016/08/11/ginger-benefits-for-hair/


Have started both goals as of today and as we know, the better we eat, better we feel and healthier we remain. If you want to join in with me on the 1st, 2nd or both, then by all means, do come and let me know how your progress goes. Any tips or comments, be sure to leave in comment box. Some nice posts coming up plus the 3rd Challenge coming up next week!!! Don’t give up on your goals and take time to enjoy the journey.

!!!Thank you for Reading  Ladies & do Hope you can join in with me on the Challenges!!!