My Natural Hair Journey – Transtioning to Fully Natural 2011-2013

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Hope all are having a wonderful Saturday!!!

This post will cover:

My Relaxed Days to 4 Months Transitioning to BC

Like a lot of girls, wanted my hair relaxed at a very young age, Mom finally decided to do it when I was 11. Of course was super excited because I was going to have flowing, glowing, “good hair” like the cute little girl on the relaxer box, that dream only lasted until 72 hours later, then it was dried, unruly and just the mention of water made her frizz to kingdom come!!!!

14 years passed and still at the same dilemma, hair does not grow past shoulders, when it does seem to grow, have to cut it because the ends are dried, frazzled, yes, you know the whole story. Never could get my hair to look the way I wanted, so was frustrated and it showed in my hair, not a pretty picture. Yup, tried every shampoo, conditioner, treatment, ointment, you can think of, cheap, expensive, you named it I tried it and it did work, then 2 days later, POOF, hello Ms. Limpy. 

A few years ago, some close family friends (one already a natural herself) suggested I went natural and I was like, “Hmm never thought of that, kinda like that idea, uhh, I have to cut off all my “good hair”, hahahaha, that is so funny, wait you are serious”. Now my natural friend has beautiful tresses, I mean, jaw dropping, wow factor hair. So, of course I want her hair , but in no way ready to cut of my relaxed hair though, no way Jose!!!! But she encourages me all the same, and I think about it.

She visits us a few months later and her hair is even more awesome than ever, growing longer, lush & healthier and I decided that’s it, I am going natural baby!!!!! Very excited! So I really do try, but then after 4 months, I am like nope, cannot do it, need the creamy crack and BAM, get her relaxed and I am at ease, at least for now…………..

Few months pass by and am really thinking long and hard about it, should I cut off my hair, but will I look like a boy, probably, hmm, still thinking about it.

See my girl again, 6 months later and this time her hair is just spectacular, and there and then I decide this is it, I am going natural!!!She is happy and encourages me to do it by transitioning, I am like, trans what??? She explains “Make your natural hair grow out and just cut off about 1/2″ inch or 1″ of your hair every month”,  I did not know this juicy piece of info, I can do that, there’s more…….I can google and find a wealth on information online on how to go natural…………………………………………


Transitioned for 4 months, November 1st 2011 to February 28th 2012.

Was it hard for me, a little but I stuck to it cause this girl is now on a mission and I am not giving up.

My mom was my stylist for those months, she would style my hair in loose braids which made it so much easier to manage.

Changed a few things in my normal hair care regimen, for instance, stopped using shampoo (dried out my hair so much), no heat at all, started adding olive oil to my conditioners (switched to White Rain, VO5 & Suave), and no more fine teeth comb.

Ok gals, enough talk, you want to see at least some pics from my relaxed & transitioning months right, good, because here a few for ya!!!

Relaxed – Roller Set
Relaxed – Roller Set with Comb
3rd Month Transitioning
3rd Month Transitioning
4th Month Transitioning
4th Month Transitioning

In the above picture on February 28th 2012, that was my hairstyle in the morning & below is my hairstyle in the night.

Length: 2" inches of Growth
Length: 1″ inch of Growth
Back View - Natural Hair
Back View – Natural Hair
Side View - Natural Hair
Side View – Natural Hair

Yes indeed, BIG CHOP GALS & LOVED IT!!!!!

Nope, I did not look like a boy like how I thought. Check me styling the next day!!!!

Love this Look!!!
Love My New Natural Hair!!!

Thank you girls for reading and will post my hair progress month by month so you can see how my journey went and is still going.

“Isle of Azure”

23 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey – Transtioning to Fully Natural 2011-2013”

  1. So, I haven’t had a perm since December 2013, so about 6/7months. Surprisingly, I was able to still wear a wrap and look my normal self, Lol but then April-May I was like oh my what am I going to do? It was bad. And I couldn’t keep going to the hair salon (although I wish, I love other ppl styling my hair) anyway now I have braids. I will probably take them out in a few weeks AND then big chop. I’m really scared. I want to wait until Fall, so if I dislike it I can “wig it out” but I don’t know. This is very exciting every day I wonder how my hair is going to look …woohoo? Any suggestions?

    1. Hello love, by your picture you have a an amazing smile!!!! Before you do the BC you have to make sure you are ready. The best advice I can give you is take a pad of paper, write down the pros of relaxed hair and the coins. Do the same for natural hair and whichever you see gives the best results for you to have healthy hair, you choose. I am sure your hair is going to look gorgeous because natural hair is our own unique DNA which is why we look so beautiful because it is literally your crown of beauty. So, do your research, think well before deciding what you want to do and what you prefer and do let me know how it goes. Feel free to ask anything else, will be more than happy to help out anyway I can 🙂

      1. Perfect, do let me know. Am no expert but am willing to help out when I can and do the best 🙂
        Smiles and wish you the best 🙂
        Double Smiles!!!

    1. Ohhhh, do post some pictures if you want to please 🙂
      Thanks doll, too kind 🙂 Hmm, let’s see, try some natural treatments like okra, or tea rinses for a good 3 months, that should help and let me know, will be posting about a new mix am trying, involves Crisco 😀 😀 :D, hehehe, wait till you read it, will post later so stay posted.
      Will see what else I can find to help with split ends. Thanks dear.

      1. Try black tea one week ad green tea the other week another week and see which one works better for you, as always, let me know of any results if you like please 🙂 have fun girl.

      1. Thank you so much for your council! I’m already tested something similar, but I couldn’t have been so patient to do it regularly yet.
        And, special thanks for the link, – I got to know with a big surprise… it is necessary to dry the hair before trimming! 0.o…

  2. Hey Girlie, I just love you! This post is awesome. I’m so glad you did it. You can do anything 🙂 This blog is blossoming too. Good job.

    1. Thank you doll!!! It’s all because of you & Karma, natural hair is now my hobby!!! I can talk for days about it, hehehe, am glad you like it and approve. Smooches!!!
      Love ya tons My Muse!!! 🙂 Keep inspiring girls to go natural, for me it is the best way for my hair to be.

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