Tips for Hair Growth – February 2017 Update on Hair Regimen

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Hello My Dears,

Hope you girls are all well.

I do apologize for not being on but was ill for about 6 weeks now, am just getting back into my normal routine.  As had stated, was supposed to be on my Water Drinking Challenge at 2 Bottles a day, because I fell ill, that kinda fell in and out of sync so am back on track and we shall see how this goes for these months. So, because I did so appallingly bad and 2 months gone, will start again and complete 3 Challenges, will post 2 for the months I missed and the 3rd will be posted March 1st 2017. Hope they work well plus the ones have chosen are also my overall health as well as for my tresses, so a win win situation right? Ready, OK, here we go:


A Glass of Water

H2O – Image from Pinterest

Hair Growth Drink – Water



My Goal Per Day:

A 16oz Bottle twice per day

Optional to Add:

A Peppermint Drop, 1 TSP of Honey or 1 TBSP of Lemon Juice

Water is the best for our hair due to many nutrients and minerals plus replenishes our energy.


Ginger is Excellent - Image via Pinterest

Ginger is Excellent – Image via Pinterest

Hair Growth Drink – Ginger Tea


1 TBS of Ginger , 1 TSP of Sugar, Warm Water

My Goal Per Day:

2 Cups a Day

Optional to Add:

1 TSP of Honey 

Ginger Tea not only tastes yummy but because is so strong, can be used many times for full effect.


According to Ariane from BlackNaps.ORG

Ginger improves circulation which may in turn promote growth and its antiseptic properties make it an effective scalp soother as well as an all natural dandruff treatment. For the full article and instructions on how to prepare, please go directly to her site:


Have started both goals as of today and as we know, the better we eat, better we feel and healthier we remain. If you want to join in with me on the 1st, 2nd or both, then by all means, do come and let me know how your progress goes. Any tips or comments, be sure to leave in comment box. Some nice posts coming up plus the 3rd Challenge coming up next week!!! Don’t give up on your goals and take time to enjoy the journey.

!!!Thank you for Reading  Ladies & do Hope you can join in with me on the Challenges!!!


Tips for Hair Growth – 7 Basic Hair Necessities for Natural Hair


Cutest Bumblebee

Cutest Bumblebee

Hello Darlings,

How goes life this year, busy as bees I can only imagine.

As life goes on, sometimes we tend to forget the basic necessities to take care of our tresses, I know I do, so in honor of Ms. Lisa from Napturally Curly , her article can be found here, will list 7 things we always need to keep in mind to keep our hair healthy.

  1. Water is and always will be your Natural Hairs best friend and best Moisturizer.
  2. If your hair needs a Moisturizing Product, always make sure the 1st or 2nd product ingredient is always Water.
  3. After placing your moisturizer on your tresses, always proceed to add an Oil or Hair Butter to seal in the moisture.
  4. Daily moisturize your hair with your own personal Hair Spritz: water, your choice of oils, conditioners, etc. 
  5. Always do a DIY Deep Conditioning on your tresses bi-weekly, these will strengthen your hair more.
  6. Do your special Hair Treatments at least once every 6 months, Hot Oil, Tea Rinses, Henna or Clay Rinse, Protein Treatments, etc. 
  7. Eat healthier, keep your body on the inside healthy, trust me on this, this contributes to healthy happy hair and girl 😀 😀

So my dears, hope this list helps you. In my own hair care regimen, I have to be aware, to keep it simple and consistent. 

  1. My first moisturizer to apply on hair will always be Water.
  2. Moisturizing product – Conditioner Mix: Tresemme Conditioner, 6oz  with 3 teaspoons of Olive Oil or Bonawell Styling Cream.
  3. Sealant are my Hair Oils: Island Oil or Palm Oil.

Thank you for reading girls, anything to the list you want to add or extra tips, please feel to comment about it. !!!Happy Hair Days!!!

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Tips for Hair Growth – Hibiscus Tea Challenge Review

Hello My Dears,

Hope your day is going along well, already the middle of the week!!!

Today I bring you the much late update 😀 of my Hibiscus challenge, which can be found here. Thank goodness for my fellow bloggers who keep me on my toes 😀

Did the challenge work?! Yes!!! Here are the advantages and disadvantages I found:

PROS for Tea Rinse, Leave-In & Oil:

  1. Reduced shedding by 50% (specifically the Leave-In).
  2. Adds sheen to tresses (specifically the Oil).
  3. Fantastic shampoo (specifically the Tea Rinse).
  4. Increases volume of hair.
  5. Helps you retain moisture in your tresses.
  6. Your hair maintains styles better, especially twist outs and braid outs.
  7. 100% Natural for your hair, plus free if you have a plant in your yard.
  8. Keeps scalp pretty clean, even with adding more product to hair as time goes on.

CONS for Tea Rinse, Leave-In & Oil:

  1. No Cons for the Hibiscus Oil, works like a dream.
  2. The Leave-In & Tea Rinse works too well, started to give my hair a brown-reddish hue, and you girls know how much I love my black hair, never had hair so black so even though, it works well, stopped using it.

So girls, there you have it. Yes it works but will turn your hair color, very slowly but surely 😀 so will stick just to the oil.

😀 Thank you Ldies for reading, any questions, feel free to ask in comments 😀

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