!!!IslandKynks 2 Year Anniversary on WordPress!!!

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!


Hello My Sweets,

Hope all is well with you and your families.

Can you believe it’s been 2 years already, did not even realize and would have never known if WordPress did not notify me, hahahaha, I have truly enjoyed my blog here on this site, still and always will be my # 1 favorite for my blog and not moving at all. I love their format, their spam protection is the best I have seen, WordPress Team, you are to be highly commended, thank you!!!!!

Of course, I truly do love my viewers, you guys are awesome and so kind in your comments, you build up, commend and are always positive. You all are truly the best natural support group online, so here is a thank you thank you thank you very much!!!!!

Here are updates for you on what to expect on IslandKynks:

  1. Last 2 Natural Hair Blog Features will be coming up this month, November and December. Really enjoyed doing these features this year, it was a lot of fun. Please, if you are reading this blog, and have not yet been featured, feel free to contact me via email or comment below and will be more than happy to feature you in 2016 from January to December, just let me know my dear.
  2. In December, there will be a recap of all Natural Hair Blog Features from July to December 2015, as a thank you to all for the hard work. For those who could not get me their information this year, please do not fret, you have next year to do so. Send information to my yahoo email address: zion_areli@yahoo.com. If you have sent it to me, and have not responded, please let me know posting in comment section and will get back to you as soon as possible, my apologies and thanks for your patience dear.
  3. Next year, from January to June, will be featuring DIY Recipes and their Creators, so again, will like to participate, let me know and will send you via email what is required. What is needed is super simple and easy so no worries, please feel free to contact email or comment.
  4. If all goes well with my tresses, from July to December will be posting Hairstyle ideas you can do on your own tresses. Yes, I know, I promised pictures right, sorry, have been crazy busy with everything, but will do, next year, want to wait 3 more months to show her.

Of course, where there is a post, there will be always a goodie to share with you all, hahaha, just cannot help it, sad but so true.

Now, we all know the benefits of Flaxseed Gel right, is an awesome natural hair gel for your tresses, many naturals love and use and the results are amazing. Have not tried myself because my hair is not for gel anymore, so why even try???!!!! My sister does use occasionally and she loves it. So if it works, then go ahead and use and let me know the results, if not, then no worries.

I have started to drink 1/4 of Ground Flaxseed, mine are medical reasons, 2nd day and sure working on my digestive tract, but of course I wondered, hmm, wonder if it is good for our hair and then hello google and BAM, found what I was looking for:

19 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Flax Seeds

Amazing right, I never knew it was so good for you when taken internally, and the above is only for Hair Benefits, healthwise, it’s like a power food, please check out on this link: http://www.healthbeckon.com/flax-seeds-benefits/

Recommended dose if you just want to improve your health is 1 to 2 Tablespoons per day. But WAIT, before you run out and purchase and start drinking, make sure to read all the article and of course, do your own research on Flaxseed benefits.

Have only been using for 2 days, as I said, am looking for health benefits, not really hair but if I see an improvement within the next 2.5 months, will absolutely do a post and share with you of course, cannot keep these goodies to oneself right 😀 😀 😀

My hair regimen is still simplified: Wash hair every 2 weeks, to style, conditioner, oil and hair cream, plus apply oil on scalp once a week and that’s it.

“Thank you for reading my dears, wish you all the best and Happy Healthy Hair Days”

Isle of  Azure


Tidbits for Natural Hair – Growth Phases

Hello My Cute Naturals, Transitioners and Girls thinking about returning natural 😀 

As time goes by noting my own growth and other naturalistas, hair really does grow in phases, these are just 5 things I have noticed:






Gotta love Natural Hair 😀 What have you noticed about your own personal hair growth? Do comment below 😀

❤  Thank you lovelies for reading and sharing your own experience  

“Isle of  Azure”

Tidbits for Natural Hair – Swimming – Before & After

Hello Ladies,

* A TIP Before You Go Swimming *

  • Apply 3 16 oz of  Purified Bottled Water to your tresses.
  • Let water soak in for 15 minutes.
  • Proceed to apply 5 TBSP of Coconut Oil (or another oil of your choice) to hair. 
  • Swim to your heart´s content 😀

* A TIP After You Go Swimming *

  • Do the Chlorine Buster Treatment, you can find here.
  • Follow up with a Deep Conditioner, you can find one here.

It works wonders my dears, because your hair will only soak up so much water and when she is done, no worries for you. Enjoy!

❤ Thank you for reading Girls & Have a Sweet Day  

“Isle of  Azure”