Tips for Hair Growth – February 2017 Update on Hair Regimen

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Hello My Dears,

Hope you girls are all well.

I do apologize for not being on but was ill for about 6 weeks now, am just getting back into my normal routine.  As had stated, was supposed to be on my Water Drinking Challenge at 2 Bottles a day, because I fell ill, that kinda fell in and out of sync so am back on track and we shall see how this goes for these months. So, because I did so appallingly bad and 2 months gone, will start again and complete 3 Challenges, will post 2 for the months I missed and the 3rd will be posted March 1st 2017. Hope they work well plus the ones have chosen are also my overall health as well as for my tresses, so a win win situation right? Ready, OK, here we go:


A Glass of Water

H2O – Image from Pinterest

Hair Growth Drink – Water



My Goal Per Day:

A 16oz Bottle twice per day

Optional to Add:

A Peppermint Drop, 1 TSP of Honey or 1 TBSP of Lemon Juice

Water is the best for our hair due to many nutrients and minerals plus replenishes our energy.


Ginger is Excellent - Image via Pinterest

Ginger is Excellent – Image via Pinterest

Hair Growth Drink – Ginger Tea


1 TBS of Ginger , 1 TSP of Sugar, Warm Water

My Goal Per Day:

2 Cups a Day

Optional to Add:

1 TSP of Honey 

Ginger Tea not only tastes yummy but because is so strong, can be used many times for full effect.


According to Ariane from BlackNaps.ORG

Ginger improves circulation which may in turn promote growth and its antiseptic properties make it an effective scalp soother as well as an all natural dandruff treatment. For the full article and instructions on how to prepare, please go directly to her site:


Have started both goals as of today and as we know, the better we eat, better we feel and healthier we remain. If you want to join in with me on the 1st, 2nd or both, then by all means, do come and let me know how your progress goes. Any tips or comments, be sure to leave in comment box. Some nice posts coming up plus the 3rd Challenge coming up next week!!! Don’t give up on your goals and take time to enjoy the journey.

!!!Thank you for Reading  Ladies & do Hope you can join in with me on the Challenges!!!


My Natural Hair Journey – 4 Years Recovery 2016-2020

Hello My Dears

For All My Lovely Naturals and Transitioners 

Hello My Dears,

Long time have not written to you all right? Life has been crazy but promise this year, will be checking out all your posts and commenting and participating much more. For 2016, have sorted things out to have more time to focus on my blog and you dolls. Plus, if there are any topics on natural hair, you will like to see featured, please email, post a comment and and will do just for you.

Tresses are on the path to getting healthier every month, YAY, all thanks to my Mom, who has been helping me all the way, sticking to a very basic regimen which will explain below, eating healthier plus drinking much more water. Implemented Vitamin E (great for hair), Vitamin B12 (great for nerves) plus drinking Unsulphured Molasses 1 TBSP per day, really great for hair and health.

These next years, will stick to my hair regimen, it is working wonders and My Mom will continue to help me for 1 more year. Will be on a Health Recovery Hair Resolution till 2020, will have my 8 year Natural Hair Anniversary Celebration, of course, will do 8 Giveaways: 2 Conditioners, 2 Shampoos, 2 Natural Hair Oils, Hair Butter and Hair Cream, so get ready to participate 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 


***** My Simple Basic Hair Regimen *****

  1. Wash hair every 2 weeks with Schwarzkopf Bonawell Hair Repair Shampoo, it’s an excellent product for all hair types.
  2. Rinse with VO5 Conditioner, try to use the ones that specifically say Moisture Rich  on it or something similar.
  3. When combing hair, apply Tresemme Conditioner mixed with oil of choice (Coconut, Mamee, Olive, Avocado or Castor Oil) to hair, then Jamaican Mango & Lime Island Oil to scalp then finally Schwarzkopf Bonawell Hair Repair Cream to ends.
  4. Protective Style to the rescue, the one that works for are 2 Strand Twists, those are my staples and my hair loves them. 

Yes, told you it was simple, hahahaha, will do later posts about my new hair products and how they are working wonders for hair. Mostly every other wash day, instead of cream, will use my Shea Butter Mix. This regimen is what has been working for my tresses.

For those who have had Setbacks on your own personal hair journey, you know the feeling when everything seems to be going wrong and you are done, that is how I felt last year, was ready to chop all my hair off and start again. But thankfully I got awesome family who stepped in and encouraged me to keep going, My Mom, my sister, my girl Gigi, Marsha, Karma, Mya and of course my WordPress Natural Sisters who would not Let It Go, hahahahaha, I thank you all very very very very very much 😀 😀 😀

!!!!!I want to thank all 357 of my followers, that is amazing, thank you all for sticking with me through another year here at WordPress, do love this site, for me, the best blog site ever, cannot wait to see what 2016-2020 will have in store for us. Thank you so much for checking out my posts, your lovely positive comments, your likes, your love for natural hair, you are all are Amazing!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Natural Hair Blog Feature last year, had so much fun with that and thank you for ladies for participating. Did anyone not get a chance to be featured on IslandKynks, please let me know, email me at: and will feature your lovely self. Do you need help or assistance on your journey, or someone to help with your research on hair, let me know, I will help you.






!!!Hahaha, yes was having fun that day, Makeup Artist and Camerawoman, Ms. Jordan Lane, she is Amazing!!! Thank you loves and Smiles!!!

Isle of Azure



My Natural Hair Journey – The Root of My Hair Thinning – Stress

Hello Dears,

I think we can all agree, it has been one stressful year and for me, effects are on my hair. Root of my hair thinning is no other than stress!!!

You know I share all with you girls, that is hair related so of course had to let you know. Have been tempted to BC due to hair loss and was frankly, extremely disappointed in myself and angry which made me stress even more and even more upset, and so on and so on so was ready to do away with her completely but had my Mom check her out and she informed me that my hair is healthy and growing but thinning due to the stress so, was sad but I am a fighter always and decided, we can do this, so nurture her back to health and see if it works before I BC. Will not give up on her, when life throws you down, you get back up and fight!

In that case, will try 1 Year Trial to see if I can regain the thickness I once had. My mom will help with maintaining her for the next 2 months and then, if all, the next 8 months, we shall both take turns nurturing her back to health during this and next year.

My hair regimen will be super simplified to avoid over manipulation, will do hair massages daily, style every 3 weeks, wash day, will be a DC, wash and style, every 2 months a treatment of choice, and styling product, my conditioner mix with oils, that’s it.

Diet will consist of many fruits, vegetables, water, hot teas, will try to cut down on anything with gluten, at least eating once per week only avoiding junk food, at least once a month only. Currently on natural meds to calm my nerves and lower stress factor. 

With our natural hair, it takes time to see the difference but am more than willing to wait and see how she is coming along, am also taking Vitamin E daily, do believe that is helping out a lot and Vitamin B-12 to soothe nerves and makes me sleep like a baby.

So my sweets, that is my saga, hahaha, life right! Will post pictures once every 4 months to keep you updated on her progress with details.

Thank you my Dolls and Loves for all the support and love you show and continue to show on IslandKynks.

Are you currently going through a hair trauma and trying to repair? Feel free to share your story in the comments below.

Any tips or advice you want to give, go right ahead, share below or email me at:

Isle of  Azure