Benefits of Veggies for Our Tresses

Benefits of Veggies for Our Hair – Carrots

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Good Day Dears and Welcome Back to our Veggie Series.

Today, we will review a favorite of many, Carrots!!!

We know they are excellent for our skin and eyesight, but hair too?

Come, let us find out: – “It is said that carrots contain vitamin A, which can condition your scalp, and help combat hair loss. Additionally, carrots can also improve the strength of your hair and make it denser and shinier.” – “Rich in vitamin A, carrots will make your hair stronger, longer, and thicker. Carrots help in improving blood circulation, which will give your hair the look of healthy 20s and prevent the growth of grey hair.” – “Carrots are rich in vitamins A, K, C, B6, B1, B3, and B2 and other nutrients like fiber, potassium, and phosphorus. These nutrients can improve skin health and overall well-being (1), (2). It is also believed that these nutrients in carrots can boost hair health.” – “The rich content of vitamins B and minerals like phosphorus and potassium help in nourishing and strengthening the hair fibers and roots. When the roots are strong, the hair fibers are held well, and hair loss is prevented to a great extent. With strong hair fibers, hair breakage is also controlled.”

BeBeautiful.In – “They are packed with vitamin A and vitamin E, both of which help improve blood circulation on your scalp. This, in turn, promotes hair growth and protects you from premature greying. Try to add at least one glass of carrot juice to your daily routine if your goal is to get long and thick hair. They strengthen roots by arresting hair fall and keeping hair healthy overall.”

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Would you like some awesome hair masks, oils, sprays and so much more?

Check out the below site for such recipes and do leave a comment or like. How To Use Carrots For Hair Growth by Anjali Sayee

A HUGE THANK YOU to,,,, and BeBeautiful.In for their informative articles on the benefits of carrots do click on the links to read their articles and enjoy the content.

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Thanks for stopping by and remember to enjoy your carrots.

~ Isle of Azure ~

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