Benefits of Veggies for Our Tresses

Benefits of Veggies for Our Hair – Asparagus

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Hi Girls and here we are in April 2021!!!

My, how time seems to have flown right by us. I hope you are all doing well and are healthy. This year our theme will be about the Benefits of Vegetables for our Natural Tresses and we will be starting in alphabetical order the first up will be A.

The first veggie we will look into is Asparagus.

Let us check out this Vegetable’s amazing hair benefits:“Asparagus is rich in calcium and vitamin A & C. It also helps strengthen your hair strands!” – “Though there is no concrete research, the folate and vitamin C in asparagus can improve hair health as these nutrients are essential for your tresses.” – “Oxidative damage causes problems with the scalp and hair follicles, therefore, the antioxidants gained from asparagus reverse this damage, ensuring healthy and nourished hair. – “Asparagus has a high alkaline content, which many nutritionists believe is an effective treatment for hair loss. Furthermore, asparagus contains silica, vitamin E, and iron, which are known to promote healthy hair.”

CELMD: CEL – “Asparagus can help reduce the symptoms that come from an irritated scalp, due to its antioxidant properties. The vitamins it provides are wonderful detoxifiers, meaning they can aid in removing toxins and other aggressors from our bodies – including the causes of scalp irritation.” – “Asparagus is a good source of many nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, dietary fibers, etc. that plays an important role in keeping our scalp and hair healthy. It is beneficial not only for making our hair strong and lustrous but also for reducing the risk of “Hairfall”, a common problem that bothers many of us.

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So this week, try to purchase some Asparagus and look up awesome recipes on how to prepare and enjoy. Implement for about 6 months to see the benefits and let us know. Make sure to take pictures before and after to track your progress.

A HUGE THANK YOU to,,,, CELMD: CEL, and for their great articles on the benefits of asparagus and do click on the links to read their full articles.

Thank you for reading and have a great week dears.

~ Isle of Azure ~


4 thoughts on “Benefits of Veggies for Our Hair – Asparagus”

    1. Aww awesome dear and stay tuned for the upcoming veggies posts in alphabetical order, that’s the plan at least, hahahahaha.

      Let me know if you see a difference in about six weeks in your tresses for sure.

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