Benefits of Fruits for Our Tresses

Benefits of Fruits for Our Tresses – Full Review

Fruits are Excellent!!!!!!!

Good Evening to All Our Followers,

Hope you are your families are all doing well.

It seems we have come to the end of our series, “Benefits of Fruits for Our Tresses”. Truly an awesome journey!!! How about a review of all the fruits we have discussed, and then, a fun activity in which all can fully participate? Awesome and let’s go!!!!!!!!

Here is the full list, feel free to click on your favorite and comment: 

A – Apples

B – Bananas 

C – Cherries 

D – Dates 

E – Elderberries 

F – Figs 

G – Guavas 

H – Honeydews 

I – Indian Gooseberries 

J – Juniper Berries

K – Kiwis

L – Lychees / Litchis 

M – Mangoes 

N – Nances 

O – Oranges

P – Pineapples

Q – Quinces 

R – Rambutans 

S – Strawberries 

T – Tangerines 

U – Ugli Fruit

V – None

W – Watermelons 

X – None

Y – None

Z – None

Eat More Fruits Each Day

Now for the fun part, there were some fruits that could not find that start with:

V – None

X – None

Y – None

Z – None

If you can find any fruits that start with those letters and that have at least 1 hair benefit, please let me know in the comments, and will do a review on the fruit you found. You can also email the information over to 

I enjoyed putting this series together as we saw the importance of eating healthier, as it is not only beneficial for our overall health but for our tresses as well. So, this coming year, how about implementing even more fruits into your daily intake?

Another fun idea you can try is if there are certain fruits that are in season in the area where you live, try to eat as many as you can for 3 months. Take pictures of your hair before and after that way you can track and see your natural hair health progress.

Healthy Hair is Happy Hair

Thank you for visiting and do stay tuned for our Next Fun Series to come.

!!!!!!!Have a great upcoming week!!!!!!!

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