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Hair Products Reviews – Schwarzkopf Bonawell Cream

Deep Repair
Deep Repair Hair Cream

Hello, Dolls,

The second one, hard to find also but not as difficult as shampoo, can be found on eBay and Amazon if interested. Have been using it for the last 6 months.

Schwarzkopf Bonawell Hair Repair – Total Hair Repair Treatment Cream:

  • Deep Repair Hair Cream
  • For Dry & Damaged Hair 
  • Repairs and Restructures Damaged Hair Fibers

Directions: After washing hair, apply the cream onto your hair and leave it in for 15 minutes, then proceed to rinse. Recommended: If hair is severely dry or damaged, the cream may be used on the hair once a week.

My Review and Rating:

My rating is 5 Stars!!!!! Excellent and best hair treatment cream that has worked successfully for my 4C tresses. Will see if I can keep this one in stock. This cream does not like to be mixed with other products, so best left on her own to work. Applied mostly to my roots and ends, which need it the most. Treatment is very strong which is why we only use it sparingly and where is needed. This baby truly works and is excellent for damaged hair. Amount used is 1 TBSP per protective style. *1 jar should last you about 6 to 12 months.*

Thanks for reading my lovely audience and enjoy your beautiful day.

As always, focus on what works for your tresses and try to keep it as simple as possible 😀

Isle of Azure


6 thoughts on “Hair Products Reviews – Schwarzkopf Bonawell Cream”

    1. Thanks for the comment sweets. I leave in always, never wash out, sometimes, depending on my hair health, will mix with conditioner, but today for instance, applied conditioner first, rinsed then applied just the cream, apply to hair, scalp and ends and Voila, protective style into 2 strand twists. It’s been extremely warm here in the Tropics so needed to use only cream for complete treatment and hydration.

    1. Hiya Darling, thanks for commenting, ok then, also try Tresemme, they work wonders for my tresses since I started to use so try out and let me know.

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