My Natural Hair Journey – 2 Week Challenge Complete

Hello Ladies,

It has been so long, as you can imagine, end of the year at work is the busiest, been a busy bee but here I am 🙂

Very happy to announce that My Hair Challenge worked!!! Click here in case you missed the start of it.

These are the improvements wanted to see:

  • Less Shedding – Had half the shedding I had the last detangle time.
  • Healthier hair with Sheen – Yes
  • Length increased by 1/2″ – I think it was more 1/4´´ but still happy.

So then girls, here is a recap on how my challenge went:

1st Week:   Left her in small twists, styled with bobby pins every now and then, applied aloe vera to scalp and hair every other day and did LOC Method every 3 days. Was very moisturized, I try to do this method before bedtime.

2nd Week:   Got really busy so did a twist out and then twisted in large sections, left her mostly alone.

Today is Wash Day:   Went by like a breeze, am happy to say 🙂 Finger detangled with hair saturated with conditioner, braided sections, (15 braids), washed with shampoo (mixed with oil), did tea rinse. Styled in small twists, applied Shea Moisture Creme, Olive & Clove Oil to coat section and pomade to seal ends.

As I learned, my hair loves to be left alone, does not mind being styled every now and then, but protective styles work for me, especially twists. Very versatile style, my hair loves it so will continue to follow this regimen and let her do her own thing.

So girls, my advice to you, listen to your hair and do what works for you. Whenever you want to try something new, give yourselves at least 2 – 4 weeks to see the results, and just try one new thing at a time, that way if it does not work, you know exactly what not to do. In my case, was about to give up finger detangling but that was not the problem, proved it today because my finger combing session went beautifully. Finger Combed then passed wide teeth comb to make sure there were no tangles and voila, took 2 hours but worth it. Wash day only took 4 hours which I am very happy with, usually is 5 to 6 hours so girls, am learning bit by bit, better late than never.

Next year, planning to do more protective styles and ways to have fun with cute accessories, bringing creativity in and will post results.

Below is a picture of my shed hair, the larger is when I messed up and the smaller is these last 2 weeks, YAY!! Less is better 😀 😀 😀

Shed Hair

Shed Hair

* Thank you for reading Ladies and Tuned for Natural Hair Posts Coming Your Way *

´´Isle of  Azure´´


Fun Idea – Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Hello My Natural & Transitioner Princesses,

Hope all is well with you today my ladies.

I have been awarded the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Lady Kayla from Perfecting Patty, at which I am honored and happy to receive. Thank you very much, really appreciate it, the picture is awesome, love fantasy, simple amazing 🙂


The RULES are:

  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website. 
  2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award. 
  3. Present 10 or so awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Send the nominees a comment to let them know of their nomination.
  5. Post seven interesting things about yourself.

My Ten Nominees (you may click on their names to see their cool blogs):

  1. MsPerfectPatty
  2. NaturalHairWorldConfessions
  3. MyNaturalHair
  4. BeautifullyMane
  5. AbuDhabiYew
  6. Afrophire
  7. ManeAttention
  8. ShaylaFavor
  9. Miracurls
  10. IAmDutchessWilliams

Seven Interesting Facts About Me:

  • I love the color pink, it’s simply gorgeous and chic.
  • My left ear is shorter than my right 
  • When my hair was relaxed, hair color was brown, now as natural, black.
  • Cannot swim but love to be in the water.
  • Hate Math but work in Accounting.
  • When I eat a lot, lose weight, when I diet, gain pounds.
  • Love Earth but someday I want to explore other worlds.

~ Thank you My Ladies for reading ~ Have an Enchanting Weekend ~

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Natural Hair Styling Ideas – Roll, Tuck & Pin

Hello My Naturals & Transitioners,

While online, found a style that I give 5 stars, why, well here are 5 reasons for it:

  1. Easy to do, takes about 3 to 5 minutes on my hair (10″ in front, 9″ in back).
  2. You only need 3 things: bobby pins, hair & a mirror 🙂
  3. Can be done very elegantly, chic or fun.
  4. Serves as a protective style all year round. 
  5. Can be done on short, medium or long tresses, any texture you have.

Ms. Gabrielle from “My Natural Hair Growth”, did this style for 2 weeks, love because you can change up quite a bit, to check out her site, please click here.

Tried myself, but instead of loose hair, did with my 2 strand loose twists and love the way the look came out, below is my version of the Roll, Tuck & Pin Style:



Updo in Front

Updo in Front





Gotta Love Accessories

Gotta Love Accessories






~ Thank you girls for reading & Enjoy your Natural Tresses ~

“Isle of  Azure”