Part 2 Series – Pierre’s Caribbean Secret Hair Conditioner

My Product Review

My Review on the Curly Creme Conditioner

Hello to all My Dears,

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Series: Hair Product Review – Pierre’s Caribbean Secret Conditioner , do hope you enjoy reading. I apologize to all for taking such a long time on this review but was testing on my tresses and wanted to make sure used long enough for a good review. So do hope you like and if you plan on trying, please let me know, or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post below, thanks a mil.

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IslandKynks presents to you all:

Pierre’s Caribbean Secret – Curly Creme Conditioner



Directions of Use: Wet hair with warm warm/hot water and de-tangle hair with a wide tooth comb. Apply Pierre’s Caribbean Secret Curly Creme Conditioner into hair and let sit for 7-12 minutes. Rinse out hair with cold water and style as desired.

Personal Use for My Hair: 

Scent – First of all, in love with the smell of this conditioner, its like an exotic tropical  fruit scent, lingers very long (up to more than 48 hours) which is what I love but for those who are scent sensitive, this will be quite overpowering for you, so, if you cannot take strong scents, not the conditioner for you. For those, who like me, love strong scents ones that linger, this one is a definite winner, you will Love & Enjoy very much.

Consistency – Its a super creamy consistency so the name Creme is no exaggeration and sort of melts unto your tresses upon contact, extremely moisturizing as promised, your hair will be very creamy if applied either upon wet or dry hair, but the product does not leave any residue at all, literally is drawn into tresses. Hair is left soft to the touch and brings out your curl pattern, if can define my 4C tresses, will be able to define yours too.

Effects on Tresses – I always try my products first on my  2 week old hair and when she is dry, hahaha, I know, I know, but trust me, if a product is going to work for me, that’s how I test and know for sure and that’s what I did and she worked wonders!!!! As she air dries, she remained moisturized. This conditioner is a definite power house by itself, nothing else needed to add so if you use, use by herself and prepare to be amazed my Dears.

Product on my 4C Tresses

Product on my 4C Tresses

Two Strand Twist

Two Strand Twists

Benefits of Curly Crème Conditioner that Proved True for My Tresses are: Adds Sheen to my 4C Tresses, Eliminates Frizz, Suitable for any hairstyle (Perms, Relaxers,Natural) and Textures, Moisturizers Hair, Enhances Natural Curl Pattern. For these 2: Promotes Hair Growth Enforced with B vitamins to promote hair strength, I think if you use long term, will prove to be true.

My Rating: !!!!!An absolute 5 Star Product Review!!!!! Delivers what is promised.


Suggestions for you, it comes in an 8 oz bottle, so you will want to purchase more than one so you can have enough depending on your hair length. Now because it is a new business starting out, it is a bit expensive but hopefully as Pierre’s Business grows and thrives, am hoping for 16 oz and 32 oz bottles because this conditioner is that good, and prices will be more comfortable for all of us on a budget. For short hair, the 8 oz will be sufficient, from medium to long hair, you will need several bottles.

Thank you Pierre for giving me the opportunity do hope you enjoyed reading the Review.

Instagram: Pierre’s Caribbean Secrets Curly Creme Conditioner (8 oz)

Amazon: Pierre’s Caribbean Secrets Curly Creme Conditioner (8 oz)

Thank you lovelies for reading& Hope you can try if you ever get the chance

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Hair Product Review – Tresemme Moisture Rich with Vitamin E Conditioner

Tresemme Moisture Rich with Vitamin E Conditoner

Tresemme Moisture Rich with Vitamin E Conditoner


Hello Cuties,

Ultimate Tresemme Conditoner for those winter or rainy months, part of my staple products!

Product: Tresemme Moisture Rich with Vitamin E Luxurious Moisture for Dry or Damaged Hair. 

Product Price: $7.50 for a 32 FL. OZ. or 946mL bottle. 

Where to Find: Local supermarkets or stores, Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Target, hair beauty supply stores in your area.

Directions of Use: Apply an adequate amount from mid-shaft to ends, working anything that´s left through roots. Run fingers from roots to ends to detangle and fully coat hair. Les, leave-on 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly. 

Personal Use for My Hair: One of the best all time conditioners in my opinion for 4C hair, this baby works beautifully, you can feel the difference in your hair from first use. Softens, moisturizes and dries quickly in your hair. For the ultimate moisture, I mix with 1-3 teaspoons of Olive, Coconut or Almond Oil, apply to hair and then seal ends with oil of preference, made for twists!

🙂  Many thanks for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in comment section below 🙂

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Natural Hair Book Review – Curly Halo by Kimberly Elise

!!!!WELCOME To IslandKynk’s FIRST BOOK REVIEW!!!!!

A Must Read Especially for Natural Beauties



by Beautiful Ms. Kimberly Elise

It was a true honor when I was contacted by Lovely Writer Ms. Elleax to write this book review. Thanks to her and Ms. Elise, this post is possible, I thank you both so much & to Ms. Elise, this is indeed your Masterpiece!!!!!!

I truly fell in love with this book for many reasons, one, I love to read about our natural hair, two, have always admired Ms. Elise as an actress, three, did not know she had returned natural so made this book even more exciting to read and four, her natural hair is stunning and healthy, so, she knows what she is talking about. Links are also provided for your own research.

A Must Read for All Naturals

A Must Read for All Naturals

Curly Halo EBook is truly a wonderful gift to yourself, your family and friends who are thinking about returning natural, transitioners, already naturals or those whom want to maintain their tresses healthy, if you have hair on your heard, this book is for You. Information is provided for us to use, to cater to each our own specific hair care needs. I love how Ms. Elise acknowledges that each and every one of us, has a different head of hair, what works for one, will not work for the other. She explains how take care of your own unique tresses.

This book is indeed an easy read, what do I mean by that? Literally, as I was reading, everything flowed beautifully. Goes in order, makes sense and covered all the areas needed in a book for our natural hair. When it came to a finish, learned a lot more than I thought I would have. For instance, in Chapter 1, she starts with one of the most important topics, to transition or Big Chop, excellent to start with because for many of us, before returning Natural, not only was this one of our biggest decisions but took the longest to think about.

Continuing in the following Chapters are articles on Figuring Out Your Hair Type, she did her research well on this one, not only did she do her homework but later in the book, this section is fully covered, so trust me, you will not be disappointed and will know exactly what your hair type is, what she needs, why she acts how she acts, Everything. Next is Figuring Out A Hair Regimen, this one I read over many times, yes, its that awesome and the Chapters continue, each better and better as you read, trust me, you will LOVE!

One of my personal favorites in Curly Halo are the Worksheets, yes, you read correctly, again Ms. Elise comes up and WOWS us well, how does she do it???!!! Just wished I had this book when I was returning Natural, would have avoided making a lot of mistakes on my own natural hair journey, but you live and learn right, plus am happy it is out there for all our other girls thinking of returning Natural. Even as a naturalist, am personally printing these Worksheets to go by, once you have read, you will truly enjoy and do the same, you’ll see.

Last but not least, you will truly appreciate all the extra tidbits in the Appendix, one of the most valuable parts of this book, will not give it away, but am truly grateful to Ms. Elise for including this information for us, Priceless indeed. She also includes an amazing hair recipe that I tried and works wonders for my 4C tresses so encourage you to try it out on your hair, if like mine, tends to dry out over time. Super simple, easy and quick to make, also makes a great gift to give to all your Curl Girlies, they will treasure this Hair Gem and ask for more!

Our Lovely Ms. Kimberly Elise

Ms. Kimberly Elise

Thank you so much for this gift Ms. Kimberly and for your amazing well written illustrated book, for the love and care you show for all our Tresses and your own. Thank you very much Ms. Elleax  for inviting me to review Curly Halo and providing me with what was needed. Until next time My Dears & Huge Smooches and Hugs to you both.

Thank you My Amazing Viewers for taking the time to read The Curly Halo Book Review.

To check out Ms. Elise’s website, do visit her at KimberyElise

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Natural Hair Event – Roatan Naturalista Hair Meetup Success – Part 1

Hello My Dears,

Hope all is well. On Saturday, July 30th 2016 was the First Natural Hair Meetup on Roatan and the Turn out was really great.

Was given the privilege to participate so wanted to share my points with all my Viewers:

IslandKynksReturning NaturalJuly 30th 20164.00PM


  • Girls who want to return to their Natural Hair but do not want to cut off all their relaxed hair. You will be dealing with 2 different textures, requires a lot of work but completely possible. 2 hair care maintenance programs will be needed, One is to maintain your relaxed ends and Two is take care of your new growth. Take as much time as you need, your Choice, do not rush it.
  • The weakest point of your hair is known as the Line of Demarcation, this is the line where your natural hair and relaxed hair meets. TLC needed for both hair types while you are transitioning. While you will be able to still comb your relaxed hair, your natural hair will be more difficult depending on your own unique hair texture, this will increase your time to style your hair to your liking.
  • Hair Care Maintenance: a) deep condition natural hair as she continues to grow out b) apply a moisturizer c) seal with your favorite oil, this process will help your new growth to strive and remain healthy as you transition. At this time, while you are transitioning, best to not apply any heat at all to your new hair growth, as this will cause damage, maintain your relaxed ends by your hair care means.



  • Girls who cut all their relaxed hair off to start from the beginning. NO, you will not look like a boy! Before making this decision, think, do your research, look at other girls who have done the BC, videos, pics. Ones who take this decision can feel 2 ways, either, excited, free and delighted, or shocked, not happy, disappointed. Think and take your time, this is a huge decision so think well.
  • When you BC, your hair care maintenance, depending on how much hair you have, 1”, 6”, 12” will be easy or will be hard. The shorter the hair, easier will be to take care off, the longer she is, the more work is needed. Trust me! Make sure to enjoy your journey.
  • If your hair is short, gives time to truly do a wash and go, you wash, deep condition, apply your moisturizer, seal with your favorite oil and out you go, simple is always best. Your hair texture is your DNA, be proud of her, she is yours! So Rock Your Tresses!!!
  • If your hair is lengthier, you will have to learn which products work best to maintain your hair healthy and beautiful. Keep it simple and incorporate protective styles (2 strand twists, braids, flat twists using your own hair). Remember natural hair loves to be left alone.



  • First and foremost, you must learn to love your own unique tresses, your hair Beautiful because it’s yours. You returned natural because you choose to do so. To remain on your natural hair journey, so you have to love what grows on your head, become your own Natural Hair Guru, do what works for your hair and you both will benefit. Once you are on your hair journey, Enjoy it!
  • You are on a journey; this is not a race to see who finishes first. You took this decision because wanted following a) healthier option b) a change c) tired of getting relaxers d) tired of hair falling out and nothing is working. Enjoy whichever hair length you are at now, easier said than done. Rome was not built in a day, Patience is key. Take your time to learn about your own hair texture.
  • Please Do Not Obsess about long hair. The best you can do is maintain a healthy hair regimen and care about the health of your hair, if you do that, your hair will strive, be healthy and continue to grow. The best one who will take care of your hair (apart from Mama or Abuela) is yourself, learn your hair needs and give her what she needs, benefits will be for both. You can do this dear, one day at a time.


  • Best moisturizer on Earth for your tresses is Water, make it your # 1 Hair Moisturizer, hair needs water to thrive just like plants.
  • Always make sure that your moisturizing product has Water as the first or second ingredient listed on the back, always check.
  • After applying your moisturizing product, proceed to seal or lock in the moisture with your favorite Hair Oil or Hair Butter.
  • Living the Tropics or Warmer Climates, heat dries out our hair considerably, make your own Hair Spritz to refresh your tresses.
  • Do a DIY deep conditioner, if your hair is: short, bi-weekly, medium, once a week, longer, twice a week. Strengthens your hair.
  • Every now and then, give your hair a nice well deserved treatment, Hot Oil, Tea Rinses, Protein Treatments, DIY Hair Treatment.
  • LOC or LCO Method works well for all textures, especially kinkier ones. L – Liquid; C – Cream; O – Oil. Great method, do try.
  • Eating healthier is of course excellent for your body and hair and increasing your water intake works beautifully, so drink up.
  • Ask your Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts, what was used in the Olden Days for Hair Growth, Wisdom is in Age, they know it all.



  • Coconut Oil is excellent, made on the Island, prevents hair breakage, split ends, contributing to hair length, health and shine.
  • Olive Oil is the 2nd best oil for your hair, adds strength, manageability, makes hair softer and adds more sheen. Can add to products.
  • Hibiscus Leaves & Flowers Hair Oil, promotes hair growth, thicker hair, treats dry, itchy scalp and combats hair loss.
  • Aloe Vera Gel from the plant itself, acts as a great conditioner, leaves hair smooth and shiny, reduces dandruff and conditions.
  • Batana, known for many moons to promote hair growth and health, is made naturally on the Mainland and sold in stores worldwide.



Found at Local Supermarkets or Hair Stores on ROATAN & Local Supermarkets Worldwide

  • Moisturizing Conditioners: Tresemme Moisture Rich, Aussie Moist, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration – $7.00.
  • Co-Wash Conditioners: VO5 Moisturizing or Clarifying Conditioners, White Rain Moisturizing Conditioner – $3.00.
  • Hair Creams: Miracle’s Curl Care Soft Hold Crème, Cantu Repair Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream – $11.00.
  • Hair Pomades: Kids Organics Soft Hold Styling Pomade and Hairdress – $7.00.
  • Hair Oils: Africa’s Best Organics – Olive & Clove Oil Therapy, Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil – $5.00


Thanks for reading my Dears, Hope you liked the Review & Stay Tuned for Part 2.

If you have any questions at all, do feel free to ask and will answer in comments.

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Natural Hair Event – Roatan Naturalista Hair Meetup Success – Part 2

Hello My Dears,

Welcome back to Part 2 of the First Natural Hair Meetup on Roatan. My Sis was my awesome Photographer, she did Awesome.

Do Enjoy The Pictures My Dears:

Flamingo Culture Center

Flamingo Culture Center

Naturals from Roatan

Naturals from Roatan

Our Beautiful Hostess - Ms. Audrey Flores

Our Beautiful Hostess – Ms. Audrey Flores

Check out her site:

Check out her site:


 - Nora Flores - !She is Awesome!

– Nora Flores –
!She is Awesome!



My Mama and My Auntie

My Mama and My Auntie


Gorgeous Girls

Gorgeous Girls

Setting up for Talks

Setting up for Talks


Audrey Giving her Discourse

Audrey Giving her Discourse

Talking about one of our Favorite Topics - Hair

Talking about one of our Favorite Topics – Hair

See Part 1 for Information about the Discourse

See Part 1 for Information about the Talk

Thanks for reading my Dears, Hope you liked the Pictures & Stay Tuned for the Final Post, Part 3.

If you have any questions at all, do feel free to ask and will answer in comments.

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